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Welcome to Vital Repz!

We're glad to have you here. Our website is dedicated to helping fitness enthusiasts find the best supplements and most effective training programs to reach their goals.

Despite the wealth of information online, we feel that many people are poorly informed about supplements and training. While there are many excellent products on the shelves, it can be tempting for beginners (and even advanced lifters!) to use questionable substances that may do their bodies more harm than good.

Drawing on our years of industry experience, we aim to provide the highest quality information so you can make a more informed decision, and only pay for products that actually work and are safe.

Who We Are

​Jonathan, Editor In Chief

​Jonathan is a long time fitness enthusiast who specializes in helping others reach their goals faster with the most up to date sports science. When he's not working, you'll find him challanging his body with heavy squats and deadlifts.

We hope you enjoy our site and find what you are looking for!