BPI Protein Review: What’s their Best Powder & are they Good for Weight Loss or Gaining Muscle?

In our BPI Protein review, we compare the brand's most popular supplements, to see which is best for muscle growth, athletic performance, and just generally adding top quality protein to your diet.

Here is the lineup:



Our Rating


#1 BPI Best Protein Advanced






The Best of the Best

#2 BPI Iso HD






Fastest Digesting

#3 BPI Bulk Muscle






Best For Gaining Weight

#4 BPI Whey HD






Good but we prefer the others

BPI Best Protein Review

BPI Best Protein Advanced is part of the BPI ‘Best' line, which consists of bcaas, creatine, and even a keto pre-workout. This time around, we're taking their protein powder for a spin, to see if it's true to its name and worth adding to your supplement regime.

In our BPI Best Protein review, we see if it's worth a shot, by examining its ingredients and comparing it to one of their other popular products; whey HD. But which of their supplements did we rate as the best choice?

You'll soon find out.

Nutrition Facts

The ingredient label kicks things off with a trio of proteins, including hydrolyzed whey, whey isolate, and also regular concentrate. There's also milk protein isolate, which is 80% casein and 20% whey. The rest of the calories (130) consist of a few grams of carbs (3g) and an even smaller amount of fat (1.5g).









4-protein blend




Making up the other ingredients are cocoa and sucralose, which are used for flavoring, xanthan gum which is used to thicken the powder, and soy or sunflower lecithin, both of which are used to prevent ingredients from separating.


In Bpi Best Protein, whey is the amino acid provider, but there are three different types which each have their pros and cons.


Whey makes up around 20% of fresh milk — the rest is formed of casein. When milk is processed, the casein is used to produce foods like yogurt and cheese, while the remaining liquid, which is the whey, is further prepared to form concentrate protein powder.

At this point, the whey has a protein concentration of roughly 80%, with the other 20% coming from carbs and fats.


Isolate amino acids are formed by stripping whey concentrate of its carbs and fats. This removes almost all of the lactose, which makes it a popular choice for those who are lactose intolerant or for those who are seeking a faster-digesting protein source.


Hydrolyzed whey is formed by further processing, where the amino acids of isolate protein are broken down, making them easier to digest, and more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

It is the fastest absorbing type of protein and is ideal for use after a workout.

How To Use

  • Mix one scoop (34 g) with around 5-6 oz of cold water
  • Shake well and drink, ideally after a workout

It is quite a thick shake, so you may want to use closer to the 6 oz mark when mixing with water, and certainly with milk unless you like your shake really thick.

When To Take

As it is mostly made out of whey, the best time to take it is in the post-workout anabolic window. This window can last for days, and peaks in the hours after training, so you don't need to slam down your shake as soon as you hit the locker room.

However, during this window of opportunity, muscles are more receptive to amino acids and can use them to stimulate protein synthesis, which suppresses protein breakdown and leads to more muscle growth.

Image of a shirtless man drinking a protein shake

Taste And Flavors

It is available in 4 different flavors and 2 different sizes. For this review, we opted for the Chocolate Brownie flavor, but you can also pick it up in Cookies and Cream, Strawberries and Cream, and Vanilla Swirl.

Overall, we were impressed with how chocolatey the shake was to say we only mixed it with water. That was probably for the best though, because even with the full 6 oz of water, it was really thick, which surprisingly didn't clump. That said, the texture was a little gritty, but we were able to tone it down a bit by adding milk (a lot of liquid) which isn't great for losing weight, but it sure does bump up the amino acid content nicely.

The Verdict

Boasting a tri-protein blend that includes hydrolyzed whey, Best Protein Advanced is a top choice for those seeking the best BPI have to offer.

With multiple forms of whey, the supplement releases amino acids rapidly after training, but also more slowly, to prolong its best effects. With 69 servings, even those who choose to enrich their diet with this supplement daily, won't run out in a hurry.

We found it to taste very creamy, and a little on the gritty side, which didn't effect mixability, nor did we mind considering how rich the chocolate flavor was.

Overall, with the quality of ingredients, easy mixability, and high BCAA count, Best Protein ranked #1 on our list of BPI's protein powders.

We hope you enjoyed our BPI Best Protein review, hopefully, it makes deciding which of their supplements to go for, a little easier.

Best Protein Advanced | Our #1 Rated BPI Protein Powder

BPI Bulk Muscle Review

BPI is arguably best known for their line of protein powders, BCAAs, and pre-workout supplements. But when we found out they had a high-calorie powder too, we were intrigued.

Bulk muscle packs a remarkable 53g of protein, 5.7g of bcaas, and 630 calories into each serving, and is pretty much smack bang in the middle of a mass gainer and protein powder, making it a rather unique supplement.

But is that enough calories for a weight gainer, and is it too much for a protein powder?

You'll soon find out, in our BPI Bulk Muscle review.

BPI Bulk Muscle Nutrition facts

BPI Bulk Muscle has a stacked ingredient label that includes a blend of milk and whey (53g), CLA (1g), and l-glutamine (1g). Altogether, there are 630 calories, 90g of carbs, and only 6g of fat.













The carbohydrates are derived from maltodextrin, cluster dextrin, and sweet potato powder, with only 9g being from sugars. There's also glycerol (1g) which is used for cellular hydration and betaine (1g), which can potentially increase muscle size and the number of reps you can complete.

BPI Bulk Muscle Ingredients

Heading up the ingredient label is whey concentrate and isolate, milk protein concentrate (MPC), and milk isolate (MPI).

As the name suggests, milk protein is found in fresh milk and is roughly 80% casein and 20% whey. MPI is filtered to remove some of the lactose and fats, giving it a high protein concentration of around 90%. On the other hand, MPC is less isolated than MPI, which means it has more lactose and slightly less amino acids.

On the carb side of things, Bulk Muscle utilizes maltodextrin, which is quite a controversial ingredient, but nonetheless, is common in post-workout shakes due to being high GI, making it release energy rapidly.

Although High in glycemic index, it is technically a complex carbohydrate and is very popular among those trying to gain weight.

There's also sweet potato powder, a low GI carb source that's naturally rich in vitamins C and A, and is becoming increasingly popular as a convenient way to get healthy carbs without the hassle of cooking.

How And When To Take It

Mix one serving (168g) with between 16-20 oz old cold water and drink at breakfast time, after a workout, or between meals.

If you only want to take Bulk Muscle once during the day, make it post-training. Why?

Well, after you lift, your muscles are more receptive to amino acids because protein synthesis is increased. However, lifting also cause protein breakdown to go up, which is the opposing force against synthesis.

Obviously, for muscle growth, we want more synthesis than breakdown, which is why the 53g of protein in Bulk Muscle is likely more useful after a workout — when you've done the real damage.

Image of a supplement shaker bottle and scoop

Who Can Benefit From Taking It?

Anyone looking to gain weight and muscle mass can benefit from taking Bulk Muscle alongside a healthy, whole foods diet. However, those who will get the most out of it, are those who do not need a mass gainer with over one thousand calories.

While certainly higher in calories than most supplements, at 630 calories, Bulk Muscle is what we would describe as a ‘lean gainer,' which is a type of mass gainer powder that's typically used for lean bulking.

For some lifters, traditional bulking is a one-way ticket to fat gain. You train hard, eat clean, and use the right supplements, but for some reason, it's as if your body is programmed to store fat.

If this sounds familiar, then you may well benefit from taking Bulk Muscle after your workout, and between regular meals, to promote healthy weight gain.

Side Effects and Disadvantages

  • 630 calories might not be enough for those with a speedy metabolism
  • You need to take 5 scoops at a time for the full dose
  • Contains maltodextrin

So, What’s The Verdict

Overall, Bulk Muscle is a good supplement. With 630 calories, it is a useful alternative to high-calorie mass gainers, for those who don't have an extra speedy metabolism.

The most significant benefit of Bulk muscle is its protein to carb ratio which is 2:1, making it an excellent choice for lean bulking. However, if you require a lot of carbohydrates, then you may end up consuming too much protein by using Bulk Muscle. It also contains maltodextrin, which although very common in mass gainers, isn't everyone's favorite carb source.

As for the serving size, it is not always convenient to take 5 scoops at a time, especially if you're using a standard shaker bottle. However, by using a blender, it is much less of a hassle to mix, and you can bulk up the formula with extra ingredients, too.

We hope our BPI Bulk Muscle review helped you decide which brand to go for in the future.

BPI Bulk Muscle | Best For Weight Gain & Bulking


Out of their 4 different muscle-building supplements that we reviewd, ISO HD is the only product that contains isolates and hydrolysates exclusively. Having tried a lot of other isolates with mixed results, we wanted to see how BPI's answer to ultra-fast absorption stands up to the test.

So, is it worthy of the “HD” label?

You'll soon find out, in our BPI ISo HD review.

Nutritional Info

BPI Sports Iso HD contains only two kinds of proteins — isolates and hydrolysates. In particular, there's milk protein isolate, which consists of naturally-occurring casein and whey, whey isolate, and hydrolyzed whey.









Hydrolyzed Whey & Milk Isolate




Making up the modest 130 calories, are a few grams of carbohydrates (4g), of which only 2g are sugars, and a tiny bit of fat (1g). There's also an impressive 35% of the RDI for calcium, in addition to some magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

The final ingredients consist of mainly "non-muscle builders," like sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame potassium, xanthan gum for thickening, and cocoa, which is used to to make chocolate and is where the magnesium in the formula comes from


The vast majority of the calories in Iso HD consist of whey isolate and hydrolysate, which when combined, deliver 5g of naturally-occurring BCAAs, to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Isolates are processed to remove almost all the fats and carbs which are naturally found in whey concentrate. Because the amino acids do not have to compete with the carbs and fats for digestive resources, the amino acids can get in your blood quicker, and recovery can begin sooner.

Similarly, hydrolyzed proteins are broken down into smaller pieces. These tiny molecules are digested much more comfortably than usual, which enables delivery to the muscles without delay.

The Benefits

Anyone looking for a faster digesting, third-party tested source of protein to supplement their diet, can benefit from using Bpi Iso HD.

We liked the fact that their formula is tested by ChromaDex for contamination of heavy metals, quality ingredients, amino spiking, and good manufacturing practices.

When you're using a supplement day in, day out, knowing that you are getting what the label claims, is great peace of mind.

Having a rapidly absorbed formula, those who will enjoy the best effects of Bpi Iso HD, are those who choose to take it around their workout. At no other time is the demand for amino acids more significant, than before, and in the hours following training.

More on this in just a moment.

Best Time Of The Day To Take

Protein shakes can be used any time of the day to bump up your intake, and ensure the muscle growth switch is always turned on. However, being formed of hydrolysates and isolates, Iso HD is best used around your workout, and in particular, after weight training.

The more damage and stimulation your muscles experience, the more useful amino acids are for growth and repair.

Think about it. If you haven't trained in 2 days, are amino acids going to have better effects then, or immediately after a hard workout?

It's definitely the second one, right?

Hard, overloading workouts demand a surplus of amino acids, and the sooner your protein powder can supply the demand, the more effective it is for growth, repair, and adaptation.

The Verdict

For a fast absorbing post-workout shake, BPI Iso HD ticks all the boxes. With only hydrolyzed protein and isolates, it is best taken after a workout to start recovery sooner, but being naturally high in BCAAs, it is useful any time of the day for increasing amino acid levels in the body.

Being third-party tested means that the quality ingredients listed on the tub are not just for show. The fact that BPI is willing to have their formula tested is a good sign that they don't have anything to hide, such as amino spiking.

If you are seeking a supplement to your diet that uses only the purest types of protein, then you may well benefit from using BPI ISo HD alongside your exercise regime.

That the end of out BPI ISo HD review, hopefully, it helps you to decide which brand to go for.

BPI ISO HD | Fastest Digesting

BPI Whey HD Review

BPI make a lot of different powders, and in our effort to find out which is the best, it was only right that we put their Whey HD to the test. After seeing that it contained a milk and whey protein combination, we were intrigued and decided to add a full BPI Whey HD review to our guide.

Nutrition facts and Ingredients

Bpi Sports kicks off the ingredient label with a 4-protein blend (25g), designed to provide a sustained release of amino acids, long after you've drunk the shake.









Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate




They achieve this by combining milk and whey, which affect your body in really different ways. Milk protein is slower digesting than whey and is 80% casein, drip feeding amino acids to the muscles over a more extended period.

Combine this with whey, and you're left with an extremely potent anabolic stimulus that lasts longer than if you’d just drank whey alone.

Carbs, Fats, And Extras

Contributing the rest of the calories (150) are a modest number of carbs (4g) and a small number of fats (3.5g), both of which are naturally found in milk.

There's also an enzyme blend called ProHydrolase®, which is used for improving the digestion of proteins — enabling higher levels of essential amino acids in the blood — which can fuel more growth.

Rounding off the supplement facts is glycerol monostearate, which improves the hydration of cells, cellulose and xanthan gum, which are used to make the powder thicker, and typical sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame potassium, which are used to mask the taste of all the ingredients, and are very common in supplement shakes.

How To Use It

  • Take a shaker cup and add in between 5-6 oz of cold water or milk
  • Mix in 1 scoop and powder (37g) and shake well
  • Consume ideally after training, or throughout the day to meet dietary requirements.

When Should You Take It?

Because it contains both fast and slow-digesting proteins, it can be taken any time of the day with good effect. However, the best results are likely to be seen by those who drink it in the anabolic window, which begins intra-workout and peaks in the hours following training.

The anabolic window doesn't last only an hour as some gym goers claim — it can last up to a few days in some people. That said, protein synthesis does peak the same day as you train, so using Whey HD shortly after training, is a sensible idea for maximizing growth.

What’s The Verdict?

Overall, we rate Whey HD as a good protein powder. With a multi-source formula that contains 5g of naturally-occurring bcaas, it is used by those seeking faster recovery, more muscle growth, and shake that is easily digested.

Its contents are tested by third-party ChromeDex, who check that the ingredients are pure, free from banned substances and that the formula is not amino spiked.

While a little higher in calories than similar supplements, the fact that it’s tested, shows commitment to creating a quality product and gives peace of mind for regular use.

We hope you enjoyed our BPI Whey HD review. Hopefully, it helps you to decide which of their supplements to go for in the future.

BPI Whey HD 

BPI Best protein vs Whey HD

Overall, these two are arguably BPI's top formulas. But which is better, BPI Best Protein, or Whey HD?

We talk ingredients, taste, value, and overall quality, as we put two of their most popular post workout supplements head to head, to see which comes out on top.

BPI Best Protein vs Whey HD: Ingredients

At a glance, we can see how remarkably similar the supplement facts label is, which is not a considerable system shock given that they are from the same brand.

However, when it comes it protein quality, we think Best Protein Advanced is the superior choice for many.




Our Rating








Having hydrolyzed whey in the formula is a huge advantage for those who plan on taking it to post workout. Out of all the types of whey — concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate — it's hydrolyzed whey that digests the fastest.

This means less time is sitting around waiting for the amino acids to be absorbed, enabling your muscles to begin repairing faster.

The other reason why Whey HD isn't quite as good, is because it has 2g of extra fat and 1g extra carbs. Now, a gram of excess fat here or there won't make a huge difference, but if you use to twice a day, you're consuming 60 extra calories, which adds up over the week.

Taste And Value

A 5.1 pound tub of BPA gets you around 69 servings, whereas Whey HD comes in a 4.2 pound tub with 50 scoops. As for the taste, there's not much to separate the two, given that they use many of the same ingredients, while also being from the same brand.

However, the fewer the calories, the easier your powder should be to mix, which gives it a smoother consistency. Overall, Whey HD check in at 160 calories, whereas Best protein only has 130.

We rate the taste of Best Protein Advanced, and you may well enjoy it too if you like your shakes to be on the thicker side. That said if you find these kinds of supplements quite sickly, to begin with, use more water, or maybe go for a different brand.

We hope you enjoyed our BPI Protein review. Hopefully, it helps you decide which of their supplements to go for in the future. For more information check out guide: https://www.vitalrepz.com/supplements/best-protein-powder/

Best Protein Advanced | Our #1 Rated BPI Protein Powder



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