BSN Amino x Review: The Best Tasting Intra-Workout?

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Amino x is a very popular intra workout supplement in the branched chain amino acids category. Made to repair muscle, increase endurance, and promote recovery, BSN created a product with performance in mind.

Our BSN Amino x review shows you why it's the go-to intra-workout drink for both strength trainees, but also fans of aerobic exercise.

This isn't just a standard bcaa formula, there's much more than 3 amino acids.

As you’ll soon learn.

BSN Amino X Nutrition Facts And Ingredients

As with any good supplement in this category, the main ingredients are bcaas, that's leucine, isoleucine, and valine. In Amino x, there's a total of 6 amino acids that form the Amino Acid Interfusion, and collectively, they add up to 10g.

Amino Acids

Endura Composite 

Vitamin D

Zero Sugar






30 or 70

The second blend focuses less on bcaas and more on work capacity, that's lifting more weight for more reps. But first, I'm going to cover the amino acid blend, since this is why people use this supplement.

Amino Acid Infusion Blend

In particular, I like that there's micronized l-citrulline because like branched chain aminos, citrulline has been shown to reduce muscle damage. But unlike bcaas, citrulline can increase the pump you get in the gym, helping you to feel the intense contractions of the target muscle.

There's also taurine and alanine, but compared to the other nutrients, they don't do much for your body regarding size and strength.

Notice how throughout this section, I've not told the exact dosage of any of the ingredients.

That's because BSN use what's known in the industry as a proprietary blend, at least in some of their formulas.

That said, the UK batch that I bought does list all the bcaa values and actually has quite a different ingredient list altogether, as you can see in the picture. If you're in the USA though, the formula might be different if the pictures are accurate.

An Image of Amino x supplement facts

Effosorb™ Endura Composite Blend

Heading up this supporting blend is sodium bicarbonate, a favorite household product which you may have heard being called baking soda. So what can this do for your workout?

Although it doesn't have the popularity of bcaas or protein, sodium bicarbonate is a safe and effective way to increase muscular endurance. You know that feeling when your muscles become really tight and can't contract anymore due to all of the lactic acid?

Well, that's because your muscles become acidic which means you can't use them to run faster or perform more reps. Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline which as you probably know from high school biology, is the opposite of acidic.

This neutralizes the ph level in your blood and allows your muscles to work harder and produce force for longer.

The other ingredient that you should know about is cholecalciferol. It might be a hard word to pronounce, but you've all heard of it before, cholecalciferol is a scientific name for vitamin D3, the best form of vitamin D to take. In Amino x, you can see on the label that there's 12.5 mcg of vitamin D which I have mixed feeling about.

More on that in the downsides section.

Image showing the benefits and what it does for the body

Benefits And Effectiveness

You Can Perform More reps

Amino x can help you perform extra reps in two ways:

Through the growth of new muscle tissue, your target muscles get closer in size to their genetic potential which enables them to produce more force and lift more reps.

Performance is also increase with sodium bicarbonate. It reduces the acidity of your muscles during fatiguing contractions. The best example I can think of is a set of leg extensions. When you feel your quads swelling with lactic acid, that's the acidity, and it's reduced for some time if you take sodium bicarbonate.

More Efficient Muscle Repair

It's no secret that lifters like love bcaas because the amino acids enable us to train harder.

Muscle damage, more commonly called DOMS, is a natural and rewarding side effect of intense training, but like most things fitness, there's definitely a sweet spot. Of course, it's fun to tell your gym friends that your leg day was so intense that you couldn't walk, but at some point, you need to repair your damaged muscles if you want them to grow.

I'm not saying that you need to hold back in the gym, but what I do advise is asking yourself, honestly, if you're doing enough when it comes to recovery.

How can Aminox  help?

Being so high in amino acids — a full 10g per scoop — you can limit the amount of protein breakdown (bad) and maximize the amount of protein synthesis (good) by timing Amino x around your workout. And when you do this day in day out, you are eventually rewarded with more muscle growth since the amount of synthesis exceeds breakdown.

Image of a bodybuilder doing a standing shoulder press with dumbbells

The Downsides You Should Consider

I won't sugar coat it, Amino x is a good bcaa, but it's not perfect, as you're about to find out.

My main gripe is that we don't know how much of each ingredient is in the formula. One thing we do know is that the bcaas are dosed in the 2:1:1 ratio and because they're first on the ingredient label, they likely make up the majority of the 10g serving.

If you’re in the UK, all values are displayed on the nutritional label. But for North American lifters and elsewhere, it does not appear that this is the case.

My second gripe (and I'm being picky here) is that vitamin D is unnecessary in an BCAA supplement.

While, it may have a lot of benefits and is something I personally take on a daily basis, on this occasion, I'd rather have extra bcaas at its expense. But as I say, that's being picky.

How to Use it

Mix 1 scoop (14.5g) with between 6 and 8 oz of cold water. If you like your drinks on the sweeter side, use less water.

The powder mixes really easily which definitely makes the shaker more delicious to drink.

An Image of the scoop that comes with bsn amino x supplement

When to Take BSN Amino X To Stimulate Muscle Growth

Consuming Amino x sometime around the workout is a good idea for those interested in recovery or performance. My choice is to take it intra-workout, but you won't be losing out if you choose to drink it beforehand.

If you're not training or forget to bring it to the gym, consume a serving between meals.

Sizes And Servings

There are 3 different variations of BSN's signature intra-workout powder that are available for purchase. Go ahead and take a look to see which fits best with your fitness goals and budget.

  • Regular 30 serving tub (the one you see in the picture for this article)
  • 70 servings
  • 20 serving tub with 150 mg caffeine (cola flavor)
  • Amino X Edge

The Available Flavors

Out of the 9 refreshing flavors, I personally liked Watermelon the best. I also really enjoyed Blue Raspberry which I found to taste noticeably better than Xtend's version. I've used Green Apple and Fruit Punch which were good, but I preferred watermelon.

The subtle fizz that comes from the sodium bicarbonate gives the flavor a little edge to it that I really enjoy, and you'd hardly believe this drink is low in calories.

How Does it Compare To Other BCAAs?

We rated Amino x as the best tasting bcaa supplement and #4 on our overall list. Check out this table or see our reviews of the top bcaa supplements to see how BSN stack up against the rest. 


Our Rating

Best For

Total Aminos




Best of the Best


30 or 90

Amino x

Best tasting & Easiest Mixing


30 or 70

BCAA Energy

Best For Energy


30 or 65

Overall Review

Overall, Amino x packs a lot of punch considering its simple formula and affordable price point. In fact, the results you can gain from this bcaa are comparable to some of the most popular products.

It is possible to order a smaller 30 serving tub if you are not yet ready to commit to the largest size. It's also known that amino acids are most beneficial when you take them consistently, so if you are prepared to make long-term changes in your lifestyle, this supplement can really work for you.

Don't worry about choosing a flavor that you like either. Having tried four flavors, I have yet to be disappointed by the refreshing intra-workout drink. We have covered everything there is to know about this supplement. Hopefully, our BSN Amino x review helped you decide if it was a good fit for you.

BSN Amino X | The Best Tasting BCAA Powder

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