BulkSupplements BCAA Review: Honest Product Analysis

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Based out of Nevada USA, BulkSupplements are well-known for their signature single-ingredients supplements. The fact that you only pay for the critical nutrients like the 3 branched-chain amino acids, making them suitable for health-focused and budget-conscious users alike.

We found the standout features to be the value, but also the fact that you can mix the powder with any drink, whether that be a muscle-building shake or a morning drink of juice.

To learn more about how these amino acids stand up to scrutiny, we created a full BulkSupplements BCAA review, where we rate the product across the most critical categories.


As a clean and pure bcaa powder, the ingredient list is straightforward, consisting of only 3 nutrients. What's more important, is that each amino acid — leucine, isoleucine, and valine — is dosed in the clinically-studied 2:1:1 ratio.

Looking on the pack of the packet, I see that there's one more ingredient, a non-amino acid that doesn't have much benefit for muscle growth or strength. This ingredient is lecithin, and it's a common food additive tasked with keeping the 3 bcaas mixed together.

Total BCAAs





Packet Size







As for the purity of the amino acids, they just don't come any purer than BulkSupplements bcaa. Why?

Well, one serving size is 1500 mg which gives you precisely 1500 mg of bcaas. This means each mg of powder gets you one mg of bcaas — you don't get purper than that.

The small downside of this is that the powder is unflavored. Obviously, it would taste a little weird mixing them with just water, so you do need to use juice or some other flavored liquid to make the drinkable.

As with most BulkSupplements Products, only the vital ingredients are in the formula.

What You Won't Find on the Nutrition label

BulkSupplements are considered as a reliable supplement manufacturer who prides themselves on keeping the ingredient label as simple as possible. They operate on a strict policy for what makes the cut because these amino acids are free from sugar, soy, yeast, gluten, dairy, and additives.

Benefits And Effectiveness

As you're about to find out in just a moment, branched chain amino acids are very beneficial for recovery and growing muscle. But don't think that you need to be a bodybuilder to use this supplement. Anyone who is physically active can gain a boost one-way or another.

Faster Muscle Recovery

For your muscles to grow or even get back to their previous strength, you need to prioritize recovery as much as you do training. As well as lifestyle factors like a good night's sleep and a clean diet, recovery supplements really start to make a difference when you use them consistently, and at the right time.

More on this later.

Being the building blocks of protein, branched chain amino acids prevent protein breakdown and at the time same, increase levels of protein synthesis. Protein breakdown is the opposite of synthesis, with each competing for your body's resources.

BulkSupplements bcaa will make sure that your body is in a state of protein synthesis and not breakdown. The pure formula is perfect for rapid absorption, mainly if you use them intra-workout because the amino acids aren't competing with other nutrients to get inside your bloodstream.

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You Can Train More Often

Because bcaas allow you to recover quicker, you can spend more time in the gym making progress, and less time nursing your sore muscles at home on the couch. Of course, we don't all want to live in the gym, but the option is there if you just love training

Better Hydration

In a world where we're always told how important hydration is, we can often go to bed wondering if we drank enough. By sipping bcaas regularly, not only will your muscles rejuvenate and grow, but reaching peak hydration becomes second nature to you.

Naturally, drinking enough water to avoid dehydration is much easier when it tastes good. And it's why I advise people to add flavor drops to their water and then mix in their unflavored bcaa powder. More on this in just one moment.

Iimage of a runner getting a intra-workout drink

How To Take

As the directions say, for best results, use ¾ of a rounded teaspoon 3 times per day. I'll add to this that if you're heavier, especially in muscle weight, you can take more.

Also, because this is an unflavored powder, I don't advise taking them with plain water. Instead, you're best off adding flavor drops into the mixture which can be bought cheaply in stores or online.

Let me tell you the best thing about using unflavored bcaas rather than flavored. If you buy flavored powder and for whatever reason, don't like the taste, you're stuck with the whole batch.

However, if you buy flavor drops, which don't exactly cost the earth, you can easily pop to the store and buy another flavor if you don't like the taste of the original.

You can also mix them with juice, a protein shake, or even a mass gainer if you're bulking.

When Should I Use Them?

For best results, take it around your workout. This can be before, after, or during.

As long as you drink them close to training and consistently, the exact time is not overly critical.

But if you want particular directions, take them during your workout.

Sizes And Servings

Like all BulkSupplements products, these aminos are available for purchase in more than just one or two sizes.

You have the option to buy between 100g for trial size, or up to 25kg if you are really looking to stock up.

  • 100g (66 servings)
  • 500g (333 servings)
  • 1kg (667 servings)
  • 5kg (3330 servings)
  • 25kg (16,667 servings)

The one thing that really stands out is that if you're prepared to buy a larger batch, you can often lower the per serving cost. Prices do fluctuate, but at the time of writing, you can see the price per gram just below the sizing options for each product.

BCAA Ratios

When it comes to choosing which BulkSupplements bcaa to buy, you have two options.

  • The usual 2:1:1 ratio (backed by science)
  • A less common 3:1:2 ratio

750mg of leucine, 500mg of Valine, and 250mg of isoleucine — this is what you get with the 3:1:2 ratio and it can definitely be useful. However, for the most reliable results, I recommend that you stick with the 2:1:1 ratio because it's the format that's been tested the most in research studies.

So How Does It Compare?

BulkSupplements make an excellent bcaa supplement, especially for those on a budget or who want an unflavored powder. To be sure that it's the right fit for you, here are some other highly rated bcaa supplements that you may have seen before.

If you want the full scoop on which bcaa supplement to buy, then you can click here for our comprehensive buying guide.


Our Rating


Total Aminos




Best of the Best




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Amino x

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Overall Review

Overall, BulkSupplements is a very good bcaa, and from all the bcaa supplements we've researched, has one of the best ratio of affordability to quality.

The unflavored powder may not be to everyone's liking, but considering the purity of this instantized formula, the lack of flavor is forgivable.

If you want to know what ingredients you're putting inside your body, then give these amino acids a try and see for yourself the benefits they can have for your muscles.

I hope that you found our BulkSupplements BCAA review to be helpful. Hopefully, it made deciding which bcaa supplement to buy a little less complicated.

BulkSupplements | Best Value

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