BulkSupplements Creatine review: An in Depth Supplement Analysis

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Bulksupplements are notorious for manufacturing single-ingredient supplements. Their products typically contain only one ingredient which cuts costs for you and gives you peace of mind that you are just getting the real thing.

And nowhere do I expect to see purity more than in creatine supplements. So, let's see how BulkSupplements stand up to scrutiny.

Our full BulkSupplements creatine review covers all the benefits you can expect, but also a few downsides you may want to take into consideration.

Quality Of The Ingredients

As a 99.99% pure creatine supplement, there's not an awful lot say about the ingredients that separate the formula from any other creatine monohydrate.

One good thing is that this is a micronized creatine powder which means more of the supplement should be absorbed, and it should be absorbed quicker.

You can also see on the label that there's absolutely no soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, or sugar. There's only creatine monohydrate which is excellent from a purity standpoint but also from a value perspective because you're not paying money for a bunch of fillers.






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Benefits And What To Expect

As a pure creatine monohydrate, the benefits are entirely predictable. You can expect increases in muscle mass, explosive power, and all-around physical performance. It's worth mentioning that these benefits are most noticeable if you've never taken creatine before.

If you're on the same side as me, and you've been taking creatine for as long as you can remember, then you won't get any groundbreaking results from this supplement. That said, monohydrate one of the most tested and proven supplements you can buy, so you may as well keep reaping the rewards.

More Strength And Power

Bulksupplements use pure monohydrate rather than inferior forms of creatine like ethyl ester. This is great for strength because out of all the research that has been conducted on creatine, the best results always come from monohydrate.

The results are most noticeable on low rep and explosive training, like squatting or bench pressing.

One cool study proves my point well. The gave soldiers creatine (or a placebo) and after only 5 days (more on this later), the soldiers who took the creatine were able to achieve 14% more reps than those just received sports bars.

What's really interesting though is that the creatine didn't improve running performance, it only increased their weightlifting strength. It just shows how creatine really is the strength supplement of choice!

Image of a bodybuilder flipping a tire in the gym

Fast Results

If you're new to creatine, your initial results can be awe-inspiring. And what's even more satisfying, is the speed at which you can see progress.

As I mentioned above, one research study showed how people got impressive results after as little as 5 days.

What's fascinating is that most time when we hear claims such as "results within a week," it seems too good to be true, and often it is. But here, you can actually get results fast, and if you train for strength, you know what kind of gains to expect.

Loading is recommended to speed things up. That's what they did in the study. Of course, you can still get excellent results from taking smaller amounts, but they won't be as quick.

Where's The Scoop?

Image of white supplement powder in a scoop

I'm not one to be irritated by the little things, but when I realized there was no scoop, I was a bit confused. What kind of powdered supplement doesn't come with a scoop?

Now, I've been taking creatine for years, so I know precisely what 5g looks like. But for those of you who haven't, go by the recommendations that you can find on the pack of the bag.

For 5g, take 1 teaspoon. But wait, a level teaspoon or a heaping one?

The instructions are helpful, but a little vague. So, for the most accurate results, using weighing scales is a good idea. But of course, this is real life, and unless you're a professional athlete, you probably aren't going to weigh out your creatine.

Instead, just go with a level teaspoon for 5g, or half a teaspoon for 2.5g, their recommended serving size. Which brings me to the next point…

Inaccurate Supplement Facts?

If you decide to buy this supplement, when you receive your package, look at the back of the supplement label.

You'll see that on the 1kg bag, for example, there are an advertised 400 servings. Sounds great, doesn't it?

However, that's based on 2.5g of creatine. We all know that 5g of monohydrate is recommended for maintaining and building strength so clearly, you're not going to get 400 servings per bag.

More realistically, you can expect a substantial 200 servings per 1kg bag. This is by no means a low amount of servings. That said, for those who may not be familiar with creatine, they could limit their results by only taking 2.5g, as the label tells them to.

Overall, a little setback that doesn't affect the quality of the supplement.

Sizes For Every Need And Budget

As for the sizes, there's a lot choice. Go with a 100g packet if you just want to trial it. Or, if you're feeling really bold, you could buy a large 25kg bag. Clearly, 25kg is way too much for the average person who isn't running their own gym or supplement cafe.

And after all, creatine is perishable, so there's no guarantee that the powder your 25kg bag will still be as fine 6 years later.

1kg Micronized Creatine

This is the size that I recommend for most people. It's big enough that you won't need to order a new batch every month, but not so huge that you have a massive surplus leftover.

And as you may have noticed, larger bags are less expensive per serving. But as I said, the really huge bags are impractical for most people which is why I recommend the 1kg bag.

How To Take

You can mix this creatine with any drink you like. My choice is a protein shake, but you can easily combine it with juice or some bcaas if that's your thing.

And be sure to drink plenty of water while you take this creatine or any other.

When Should You Use It?

For best results, taking creatine sometime around your workout will cover your bases. Bulksupplements recommend taking it before your workout, but based on what we know about creatine, I advise waiting until after training.

That said, if you take it before training, by the time you're finished, it will probably be absorbed which is something most people don't think about — it's not about when you take it, it's about when the supplement is absorbed into the blood.


You can check how BulkSupplements creatine monohydrate stacks up against the other supplements on the market, to see which fits your needs and budget the best.

If you want to know our thoughts on the best creatine supplements for the job you can read more and find out who came top.


Our Rating

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Optimum Nutrition

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Met Rx

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Overall review

Bulksupplements make a basic yet effective creatine powder. The fact it comes in bigger sizes means that you won't run out in a hurry, and the ingredients are pure and additive-free. It's a versatile supplement that doesn't come with any nasty surprises.

Whether you're new to creatine or take it every day, you know what benefits to expect in the gym.

The pouch may not come with a scoop, but I can forgive this little mishap considering the quality of the supplement. Overall, 99.99% micronized creatine is going to hit the spot for most people. Go ahead and try it in a smaller size if you want to see the effectiveness for yourself.

I hope our BulkSupplements creatine review helped you with making a decision on whether to add it to your workout stack.

BulkSupplements | The Best Value Creatine Powder

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