Cellucor Alpha Amino Review: Pros, Cons, and When to Take Them

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Cellucor has become quite a household name in the supplement community, and have done an excellent job at creating popular products that stand the test of time.

When I first saw their bcaa supplement, the unique list of ingredients made me want to test it out for myself.

Eventually, I created this Cellucor Alpha Amino review. And soon, you'll learn how it stacks up against the competition and most importantly if it's worth adding to your stack.

Alpha Amino Ingredients And Nutrition Facts

Alpha Amino is far from your standard bcaa supplement, it has EAAs and electrolytes as well as the usual branched-chain aminos. Each serving consists of 3 essential blends, each with its own pros and cons which I talk about openly below.


Essential Aminos



Serving Size








Instantized 2:1:1 BCAA Blend

This is the main blend in alpha amino and is dosed at a very reasonable 5g per scoop. It's definitely a higher dosage than most bcaa supplements, but I won't sugar coat it, I've seen higher.

The main thing I look for is a 2:1:1 ratio as it's the very formula that has been tested to the max in scientific studies. When a supplement doesn't have this ratio, I usually discount it.

This performance amino formula isn't like other messy bcaa supplements because they're instantized and micronized for easy mixability and rapid absorption into the working muscles.

Image of amino acid powder

Essential Performance Amino Acid Complex

This blend helps to cover the rest of your muscle's bases with a full spectrum of amino acids — 11 to be precise.

They're called “performance aminos”, but I consider them “recovery aminos” because it's recovery and growth of the muscle that actually fuels performance. For me, the most important amino acids in Cellucor's supplement are glutamine and citrulline.

Both of these supplements have been shown to speed up recovery rates for muscle soreness and for whole body fatigue.

Many users of citrulline and arginine report better pumps because they're able to feel the target muscle working more.

Hydration Blend

Heading up the hydration blend is a lesser know ingredient called betaine anhydrous, which has pretty promising science behind it.

One study from 2013 found that only 6-weeks of betaine use were enough to significantly increase arm size, bench press performance, and body composition.

That's a pretty neat benefit from something that's mainly a bcaa supplement. Go ahead and give it a try to see how you respond to this upcoming ingredient — t's worth a shot if you're mainly into strength training rather than endurance workouts.

Benefits And Effectiveness

Better Intra-Workout Nutrition

Intra-workout is a crucial period when it comes whether or not you will build muscle, just maintain what you have, or even lose size.

During training, you stimulate what's called protein synthesis, which is a signal within the muscle cells that tell them to adapt and get bigger. Unfortunately, this protein synthesis is competing against a darker force, one that doesn't want you to make any gains because muscle is very taxing for your body to grow.

This opposing force is called protein breakdown. When there's more breakdown than synthesis, you lose muscle, plain and simple. It's why intra workout is such a critical period for building new muscle.

When protein synthesis exceeds protein breakdown we gain more muscle mass. By taking BCAAs during training, we can reduce the amount of protein breakdown and kickstart recovery.

Feed your muscles the right nutrients, and they will repair, and eventually grow bigger and stronger than their previous state. This can be accomplished by having high-quality amino acids in your bloodstream, which shuttles the aminos into the working muscles.

The reason why Cellucor Alpha Amino is a good fit is that it contains both BCAA and EAA, which means you have extra amino acids on top of the 3 brand chain amino acids. This gives your body more aminos to use as fuel, making it way less likely to burn up your precious muscle tissue.

How To Use

Mixing up Alpha Amino is a straightforward task, and is definitely helped by the consistency of the powder. Just take one scoop and add it to between 8 and 12 oz of cold water, depending on how sweet you like your shake.

When To Take Alpha Amino

Best results are most likely to be achieved when you take it around your workout. This can be as you're in the gym training, or on the way there, the most important thing is that they're in your system around your session.

I advise against taking it with meals because if you're eating a diet fit or for exercise, your food will already have plenty of amino acids, which means you would waste a serving.

The Available Flavors

With the rise of unflavored supplements, it's refreshing (literally) to have a flavor selection of bcaas that's typically well-liked by its users. One thing I noticed in particular, is that the flavors are very sensible, which is probably why they appeal to so many lifters.

Image of a woman holding a slice of watermelon

There's no flavors that you haven't heard of before. Tried and tested bcaa favorites like Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, and grape are all there for you to try. This taste has to come from somewhere, and this supplement makes use of artificial sweeteners (sucralose and acesulfame potassium), which are not to the liking of everyone.

How Does It Compare?

Being a non-typical bcaa supplement, Cellucor Alpha Amino is entirely different to what you regularly see on the shelves. And with so many ingredients, it can be a bit confusing, and you might not be entirely sure whether or not it fits into your regime.

For more guidance, you can check out our complete bcaa buying guide here: vitalrepz.com/supplements/best-bcaa/

Or take a look at this table for more information.


Our Rating

Best For

Total Aminos




Recovery & Hydration


30 or 90

Alpha Amino

Best tasting


30 or 50


Pure BCAAs



Overall Review

Overall, Alpha Amino is an excellent product if you are looking for an intra-workout supplement that has all the essential amino acids to build muscle, while also using different ingredients like betaine which have the potential to increase strength.

I wouldn't say this is the supplement for you if you only want pure bcaas because you do pay for the extra ingredients.

If you're looking to give your workouts more of a kick, then I recommend pairing this up with one of the favorite C4 pre-workouts as well.

Go ahead and give this supplement a whirl and see how it can benefit your recovery from training.


What's The Difference Between This And Regular BCAA?

Regular branched chain amino acids only contain leucine, and isoleucine. Alpha Amino contains those 3 aminos but also has 11 more in addition to a hydration blend.

Is It A Good Pre-Workout?

You can definitely take this before hitting the gym. But will it make you feel energized?


If you're looking for more energy and a pre-workout boost then I recommend stacking this with one of Cellucor's popular C4 supplements.

Is It Good For Runners?

Yes, this is a great supplement for runners. I know I spoke a lot about its advantages for muscle recovery, but as a runner, recovery is an essential part of your training, as I'm sure you're well aware.

Can I Take It With Glutamine?

Alpha amino already has glutamine, but not in a large quantity. We can see on the label that there's 3.75g of EAA which is made up of 11 individual aminos. So, we can safely say adding extra glutamine is a good idea.

I hope you enjoyed our Cellucor Alpha Amino review, and hopefully it helps you which supplement to go for next time.

Cellucor Alpha Amino | Reduces Protein Breakdown

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