legion Pulse Pre Workout Review: The Best There is?

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Legion pulse combines the benefits of caffeine with an equally dosed bolus of l-theanine to smooth out jitters and prevent the familiar end-of-workout crash.

It's formulated and manufactured in the USA by international fitness author Mike Matthews who has a passion for formulating supplements and actually walks the walk, as he is in very respectable shape.

With more citrulline malate and beta-alanine than any other product we reviewed, it ranked at number 3 on our overall list and is best suited for those looking for a step-up from regular formulas.

Also, if you frequently struggle to feel the effects of your pre workout, then it is an excellent choice because it has 350 mg of caffeine. There is far more to this product than just caffeine though, as you're about to find out…

We created this Legion Pulse review so you can learn about all the benefits it can have for you, which you can use to decide if it's a good fit.

Legion Pulse Ingredients And Nutrition Facts

Legion Athletics Pulse operates on 7 key ingredients, each of which come in doses that are in-line with current workout science.

For example, there's 350 mg of caffeine and l-theanine for energy and focus, which is definitely on the higher side. But what we were most impressed by is the dose of beta-alanine (4.8g) and citrulline malate (8g).



Citrulline Malate










Caffeine is notoriously cheap, and it doesn't take much to ramp up its dose, especially compared with citrulline, which is highly sought after for its pump-enhancing effects. It has also been shown to reduce muscle soreness, which means the benefits of this supplement don't wear off after you finish training.

There are also 2.5g of betaine which goes really well with beta-alanine. While betaine is most useful for strength, beta-alanine takes care of the endurance side of training, assisting the working muscle so you can do more reps.

Finishing off the formula is l-ornithine HCL (2.2g) and taurine (2g). The latter has long been used for relaxation and combines nicely with the l-theanine to smooth out the buzz of the stimulants. Some research suggests L-ornithine may improve strength and reduce fatigue, but compared to the rest of pack, there is little data on the matter

The Benefits and What it Can Do for You

Anyone can benefit from Legion Pulse pre workout.

However, those who will enjoy the best results are those who suffer excessive DOMS or a lack of energy during their day-to-day workouts.

As we take pre-workout supplements more often, our caffeine tolerance can increase and feeling any kind of boost becomes extremely rare. If this sounds familiar, you may well benefit from a stronger supplement like Legion Pulse.

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Smooth Energy Rush

There is no doubt that caffeine is a critical component of any useful workout-enhancing formula, but what happens when the effects wear off?

At best your energy levels will go back to normal. More likely though, you feel fatigued, unfocused, and even though the stimulants have long worn off, extremely restless.

Having the same dose of l-theanine and caffeine, Legion Pulse combines potent stimulation with progressive relaxation to fight against the common post-workout crash.

More Endurance Less Soreness

Aside from caffeine, beta alanine is the ingredient most frequently spotted on any supplement facts label. But it also happens to be the ingredient that's most commonly underdosed, apart from citrulline, which we'll get onto in just a minute.

At 4.8g, your muscles will be full of carnosine which helps fight off fatigue caused by lactic acid. For this reason, it is an excellent supplement for runners and athletes who rely on muscular endurance to maintain peak performance.

It's also good for weightlifting if you do high rep sets, drop sets, or supersets.

Citrulline malate is another workout amplifier that's also typically underdosed, often drastically. But at a full clinically-tested 8g, this is not the case for Legion Pulse. At this quantity, your DOMS will lessen, and your body will more easily tolerate more sets and repetitions.

One study found a 52% increase in bench press performance.

Image of a man performing a bench press in the gym

More Strength Less Fatigue

L-ornithine is an ingredient that isn't going to put pounds of muscle on you by any means. That said, there is exciting research showing that it can reduce stress and fatigue, which is an important (and overlooked) part of recovery.

As with the l-theanine, Pulse caters to the post-workout recovery and not just the pre workout hype.

Next up is betaine, a nutrient which very much sounds like beta alanine, and interestingly, shares the benefits of buffering lactic acid which increases work capacity.

Some studies suggest that it also increases strength and power, an advantage most noticeable with low rep strength training.

How and When to Use

Is this going to be your first time using Legion Pulse?

If so, begin with only 1 scoop. Mix it with 10 -12 oz of water and drink 15-30 minutes before exercise to assess your tolerance.

After, you can get the full dose of each ingredient by mixing 2 scoops, which is recommended for hard weight training or cardio-based activity lasting more than 45 minutes.

Sizes and Servings

Legion Pulse is manufactured in an NSF-certified facility in the USA and comes packaged in a tub containing 21 serving at the full dose. Of course, if you choose to stick with one scoop, you get 42 servings.

Each 2-scoop serving weighs almost 27g which is not a surprise considering how much of each ingredient is packed in there. This can be quite a challenge to flavor, as you will find out in just a moment...

The Available Flavors

Sometimes when we take pre workout supplements, we are left with a weird aftertaste that seems to stay with us for the whole workout. Because Legion Pulse is naturally flavored with stevia and erythritol (commonly found in some fruits), you are not left with that familiar artificial taste in your mouth.

At the time of writing there are 7 flavors available which we have listed in alphabetical order:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Fruit Punch (recommended)
  • Grape
  • Green Apple
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Watermelon

Because each flavor is naturally sweetened, it can be quite hard to mask the taste of all the ingredients. Inevitably, not all users reported raving about the taste, and it may take a bit of time to adjust to if you are used to artificially sweetened supplements.

How Does it Compare?

With so many active ingredients, it can be useful for anyone who participates in exercise. But naturally, it's not for everyone. So, if you are not sure whether Legion Pulse is an worthwhile addition to your workout regime, check out these other products to see which suits you the best.

You can also check out our reviews of the best pre workout if you want the full scoop on this year's top performers.


Our Rating

Best For




Legion Pulse

Focus & Pumps



Pre Kaged

Muscle Recovery



N.O Xplode




Overall review

Overall, during this review, we were very impressed with the supplement and its choice of ingredients. Considering that even half a serving of Legion Pulse is more intense than your average pre-workout, it is good value considering how high the doses are.

Out of all the product we reviewed, it was by no means the least expensive, but based on the ability to reduce muscle soreness, and boost energy levels without as many jitters, we feel that the price tag is justified.

We rank it as the #3 best in the whole category.

So, if you have a high caffeine tolerance, or are ready to take a step up from underdosed supplements, give Legion Pulse a try and see for yourself how it improves your workout.

We hope that you enjoyed our Legion Pulse review. Hopefully, it helped you to decide if it is right for you.

Legion Pulse | Best High-Caffeine Pre-Workout

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