Mr Hyde Pre Workout Review: the Strongest Supplement Out There?

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We had heard on the grapevine that Mr Hyde was meant to be one of the most robust pre workouts available, but we didn't want to take anyone's word for it, so I decided to give it a spin to see what all the fuss was about.

Immediately, I was impressed by the excellent consistency of the powder, mixing without any clumps and with only a little bit of shaking (which I was thankful for after training arms the day before).

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Powder Energy Drink - Intense Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus with Beta Alanine, Creatine & Nitrosigine - 30 True Servings

I've taken a lot of pre workouts in my time and was expecting to have built up some immunity to the effects...wrong.

It's an extreme pre workout, and as you'll soon find out in our Pro Supps Mr. Hyde pre workout review, it's far from your typical supplement.

Mr Hyde Pre Workout Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Mr Hyde is most well known for its caffeine content, and rightly so, it contains a hefty 420 mg of the stuff. However, this pre workout is far from one dimensional, with 3 unique blends that, like any good spotter, amp up your workout and increase your motivation to lift.













The Strength Matrix

Pro Supps kicks off the strength matrix with beta-alanine (2.5g) which oddly enough, is actually most useful for increasing muscular endurance.

There's also l-arginine (500mg) and l-citrulline (500mg) which don't really increase strength either, but nonetheless, are still sought-after by bodybuilders looking to increase the intensity of their muscle pumps.

The strength side of things is taken care of with creatine hydrochloride (1g), which we feel is a little on the low side.

But as you'll soon learn, we don't take Mr Hyde for the creatine…

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Powder Energy Drink - Intense Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus with Beta Alanine, Creatine & Nitrosigine - 30 True Servings

The Caffeine Matrix

The tri-source caffeine matrix checks in at a remarkable 420 mg, which makes Mr Hyde one of, if not the highest caffeine pre workout supplement we've laid our hands on.

The vast majority of the caffeine is derived from caffeine anhydrous which literally means "caffeine with no water."

The remainder consists of dicaffeine malate (70mg) and caffeine with citric acid (50mg). The former may reduce digestive issues that are sometimes associated with caffeine consumption and lessen any "bathroom trouble" that some people experience when taking pre-workout supplements.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Powder Energy Drink - Intense Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus with Beta Alanine, Creatine & Nitrosigine - 30 True Servings

The Intensity Matrix

Kicking off the intensity matrix is choline bitartrate (500mg) and theacrine (25mg). The latter is derived from the Chinese Kucha tea leaf and the Brazilian Cupuacu fruit and is used to prolong the energy boost in Mr Hyde. Unlike caffeine, it is not a stimulant, and some research shows that you develop less of tolerance to its effects.

Making up the rest of the nutrition label is l-theanine (50mg) and l-tyrosine (50mg) which decrease stress and improve focus respectively. There's also GABA (25mg) which like theanine, may improve mood, but with little research on the matter, we can't say for sure if it's useful.

The final ingredient is Yohimbe bark extract (3mg) which may have benefits for weight loss and sexual performance.

So How Does it Work?

Initially, your skin begins to tingle, you feel a mild hot flushing sensation all over your skin, and only just finished drinking your shale. This is the beta alanine kicking in, the "endurance amino acid" that increases the number of reps your muscles can squeeze out, most noticeably on high rep sets where lactic acid sets in.

After the flushing sensation begins to diminish, you know that it's only a matter of time before the caffeine hit floods your body. As you step into the weight room, straps on, shaker bottle in hand, you are greeted with feelings that you haven't felt in a long time, since your very first pre-workout.

Your heart rate increases, your focus has never been sharper, and your body has an unshakable urge to lift. You now realize that the benefits of Mr Hyde have arrived, and your workout has only just begun.

Image of a bodybuilder doing cable chest flys

Who Can Benefit From Taking Mr Hyde Pre Workout?

Anyone who is healthy and seeking a stronger supplement than they’re used to can benefit from taking Mr Hyde pre-workout.

However, those with a high caffeine tolerance, or those who don't really feel weaker pre workouts, are those who will enjoy its benefits the most. Those who suffer from sub-par muscular endurance, or who struggle to feel the target muscle working during training, can also appreciate the effects of this comprehensive formula.

If you are new to the gym and are looking for something to take before your workout, go for a supplement that is not as intense as this.

While the buzz may be enjoyable for the advanced lifter, it can be too overwhelming for the newbie who could enjoy the same effects from a milder pre workout, because they haven't built up a tolerance yet.

My Hyde Pre Workout Side Effects

Being one of the most potent pre workout supplements on the market, Pro Supps Mr Hyde does not come without side effects.

Even the most regular coffee drinkers would agree that 420 mg of caffeine is a lot. In fact, it's equal to around 4 cups of coffee. As a stimulant, caffeine really can make you feel energized and ready to smash the weights, but it can also make you feel anxious, trigger insomnia, and increase heart rate if you take too much.

Although an increase in heart rate is standard after taking caffeine, when combined with another increase from exercise, it can make some people a bit uneasy.

You can minimize side effects by making sure that you don't take any other caffeine on days where you use Mr Hyde. This should go without saying, but some people seem to think that they're superhuman!

Another side effect that you might encounter is a hot flushing sensation on your skin, an effect commonly called "beta alanine tingles." It's a harmless sensation and is a good sign that the beta-alanine is taking effect.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Powder Energy Drink - Intense Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus with Beta Alanine, Creatine & Nitrosigine - 30 True Servings

How To Properly Use

Pay attention, because this is an explosive  pre workout powder, so getting things right is really important!

Mix one scoop with 8 oz of cold water and drink 15-30 minutes before hitting the gym. If it's your first time using it, feel free to start with half a scoop and work your way up.

Do not take any other caffeine, or use any other stimulants when taking Mr Hyde, and do not drink within 4 hours of bedtime.

Sizes, Servings, and Scoop

It is available in 2 different tub sizes; 15 servings and 30 servings. You might want to try the smaller size if you're on the fence, and as for the size of the scoop, it's a concentrated 7.4g.

The Available Flavors

After gaining popularity in recent years, it is now available in 10 flavors at the time of writing. Unlike generic pre workout flavors, Pro Supps created a candy shop theme which is why you can see flavors such as Cotton Candy and Pixie Dust, among more familiar tastes like Orange Slice and Blue Razz Popsicle.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Powder Energy Drink - Intense Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus with Beta Alanine, Creatine & Nitrosigine - 30 True Servings

How Does It Compare?

If you are still on the fence about taking Mr Hyde, then you can learn more about how it stacks up against the competition by checking out the table below.


Our Rating

Best For




Mr Hyde

Intense Energy & Focus



T6 Stimulant-1

Pumps & Energy



Dr Jekyll

Lower Caffeine Needs



My Hyde vs Mr Hyde Cutz

As the name suggests, Mr Hyde Cutz is geared towards fat burning, using ingredients such as CLA (500 mg), l-carnitine (250 mg). It has around half the caffeine of Mr Hyde Nitro x, which is the version that we reviewed and is currently the newest version of the Mr Hyde formula.

Although we rate the regular version to be better, Cutz is creatine free which is something to consider if you don't like mixing creatine with your pre workout. That said, Mr Hyde Nitro x only has 1g of creatine HCL, which is hardly going to tip you over the edge.

Cutz also has a small flavor selection which is likely because it's not as popular as Nitro x. That said, if you're looking for something a little lower in caffeine, it may well be worth checking it out. But overall, we recommend sticking with Nitro.

ProSupps Mr. Hyde CUTZ Pre-Workout Powerful Cutting Matrix, Blue Razz Flavor, 100% Creatine Free, Intense Stimulant Benefits & Thermogenic Compounds, 30 Servings, 4.9 oz. net wt.

Frequently Asked Questions

We took some of the most commonly asked questions and answered them in turn, so you can decide if it's a good fit for you.

Does it have any carbs or sugar?

No, there are no carbs, sugar, or calories — or protein for that matter.

How much caffeine is there?

There is 420 mg in total.

How much water should I mix it with?

Per the directions, we recommend using 8 oz of cold water. However, if you find it to be too sweet, feel free to add more until the flavor sits right with your taste buds. Note, that adding more water doesn't reduce the potency of the powder.

How long does it last?

It depends which serving size you choose, the 30 serving tub lasts for 30 workouts if you use it at the full dose.

Who makes this product?

Pro Supps is the brand behind Mr Hyde. They also have a vast range of other supplements which are stackable with their signature pre workout.

How strong is it?

It's a powerful formula. The fact that it contains the same caffeine as around 4 cups of coffee tells you all that you need to know about the potency of the ingredients.

Overall Review

After taking it for a spin myself last session, the results of our Pro Supps Mr Hyde Pre Workout review are in. I got it in my system around 30 minutes before hitting some legs, and by the time I loaded the barbell onto my back, I could already feel the intense effects gripping hold.

Over the next few sets, my focus felt sharper than before and my motivation to lift seemed higher than usual. I ended up using it for my upper body workouts too, and I think it'll just keep it for those because when I train legs, my heart rate seems to increase more than usual.

I hope to keep feeling the buzz in each workout, which shouldn't be too hard because I don't' take it before every session — to keep your body sensitive to its effects, I don't think you should either unless you really need a consistent boost.

Overall, Mr Hyde pre workout is an excellent supplement that's best reserved for experienced pre workout powder users who have already tried weaker alternatives and who are now seeking a step in intensity.

Pro Supps Mr Hyde | The Strongest Pre-Workout Powder

ProSupps Mr. Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Powder Energy Drink - Intense Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus with Beta Alanine, Creatine & Nitrosigine - 30 True Servings
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