Mutant BCAA 9.7 Review: Actionable Buying Guide

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In our Mutant BCAA 9.7 review, you'll quickly learn how the 8 different amino acids and 8 electrolytes make this supplement far from your typical amino acid powder.

Unlike other similar products, you're not lumped with one flavor, either. Pick up a variety pack and see for yourself which of 11 unique flavors hit the spot for you.

Mutant BCAA 9.7 Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

7.2g of bcaas, 2.5g of supporting aminos, and 8 strong electrolytes—Mutant bcaa is not your typical amino acid supplement.

As you're about to find out…


Supporting Aminos


Carbs & Suagr

Serving Size







30 or 90

The Mutant BCAA Blend

Heading up the ingredient label is the 3 branched-chain amino acids. They’re dosed in the clinically-tested 2:1:1 ratio and total an impressive 7.2g per scoop, which is more than Xtend.

With such a high number of amino acids, you don't need more than one scoop at a time which makes the tub last much longer.

Even though this is a true multi-ingredient formula, the bulk of the nutrients are formed of bcaas, which means there's no “fillers”.

The extra 2.5g of amino acids come from the amino support stack which is coming up next.

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Micronized Amino Support Stack

Unlike most other supplements in this category, Mutant don't end the ingredient label at bcaas. In fact, they include 5 supporting amino acids that combine with the bcaas to maintain and grow new muscle tissue.

These are glutamine, glycine, taurine, arginine, and tyrosine. I'm glad to see glutamine in the mix. Like bcaas, l-glutamine is needed in much larger quantities by athletes and bodybuilders than sedentary folk, and keeping supplies high helps to prevent against overtraining.

The other amino acids like taurine and glycine are nice to have around, but won't have a game-changing effect on your body, unless your deficient which is possible but unlikely.

8 Electrolyte Blend

For me, the Mutant brand has always been synonymous with gaining mass and getting huge. Their signature product, Mutant Mass, undoubtedly played a role in their image, but with Mutant BCAA 9.7, things are a little different.


Let me explain. Electrolytes are by no means going to turn you into a bodybuilder or supercharge your strength. However, they increase cellular hydration which lets you maintain peak performance for longer and fight off fatigue more easily.

Among runners and professional athletes, electrolytes are a very common supplement. I know, because I used to be a runner myself, and hydration was a huge factor in whether I would beat my record times.

Unfortunately, the average gym rat doesn't use electrolytes (if they even know what they are!) which means they're workout could be suffering, especially towards the end of a session when stores become depleted.

Benefits And Effectiveness

Actives Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is the highly sought after driving force behind muscle growth. When we perform an exercise — especially with heavy weights — we elevate levels of protein synthesis in our whole body, and also in the specific muscle(s) that we trained.

The problem with this is that lifting weight also elevates protein breakdown, which as the name suggests, eventually leads to muscle loss. Also, protein synthesis doesn't hang around for ages, and if you want to maximize it (who doesn't?), it's a good idea to get some aminos in your system quickly.

The fastest way to get amino acids in your bloodstream — the place where you want them — is by taking free-form aminos like Mutant BCAA.

This way, they don't have to compete with other nutrients for uptake into the muscles. It's also the reason why they're mostly taken intra-workout. During training, you're not eating solid food, which enables the bcaas to be absorbed more rapidly

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Heals Damaged Fibers

Many gym rats love the feeling of muscle soreness and will gladly wear it as a badge of honor. However, sensible lifters know by now that too much muscle soreness, too often, is not always a badge you want to be wearing.

Despite muscle damage being a natural part of intense training, if you fail to repair it or cause too much, then your muscle won't grow. Instead, it just returns to its previous state. And who wants that?

I'm not asking you to hold back in the weight room by any means, but what I am saying, is that if you're gonna train hard, do your body a favor and feed it the critical nutrients that it needs for growth and repair.

As for how much it takes to grow new muscle, one scoop of Mutant BCAA will cover most people's bases. More on the doses in just a minute.

How To Use It The Right Way

Using Mutant BCAA 9.7 is easy. Mix one scoop with between 8-16 oz of cold water. If like me, you prefer your amino to be on the sweeter side, use less water. Do the opposite for a less sweet shake.

A note for bodybuilders: if you're a genuinely heavier set kind of guy (or girl) then you might be able to benefit from taking 2 scoops because your amino acid needs are much higher.

When Should You Take Them?

Taking it sometime around your workout is the best protocol for optimal results. My

personal choice is to drink it during my session, but pre or post workout supplementation works just as well.

On a non-training day, use between meals.

What Flavors Are Available?

There are a lot of Mutant BCAA flavors available for purchase. Fan favorites like Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry are there as usual, and there's some less heard of flavors like Sweet Iced Tea and Fuzzy Peach that appeal to more adventurous taste buds.

Servings And Sizes

You have 3 choices when it comes to picking a serving size for your needs and budget.

The first is the standard 30 serving tub which contains 348g of powder. The next size up bags you 90 servings if you're looking to stock up and order less frequently.

Sample Packs

Whoah! A bcaa that actually has sample packs? I don't see many of these anymore.

If you're not sure which flavor is the right fit for you, then go ahead and give one of the two sample packs a try.

Choose between the Summer Road Trip pack for some unique flavor options, or go with the Fruit Burst option for a sweet yet familiar experience.

Overall Review

Overall, Mutant BCAA is an excellent amino acid supplement and is one of the only supplements we've reviewed that offers reasonably priced variety packs.

Mutant's aminos are a top choice for many, with both it's trusted muscle-building ingredients, but also the hydration-inducing electrolytes that many similar supplement lack.

This intra-workout supplement may not be as popular as the likes of amino energy, but popularity aside, the ingredient label certainly gets our stamp of approval. The fact it caters for both bodybuilders and casual trainers makes it a real winner in our books.

For the complete lowdown on which bcaa supplements to take, we have a full Vital Repz guide to help you make a decision. I hope you enjoyed our Mutant BCAA 9.7 review, and hopefully, you made up your mind on what to go with.

Mutant BCAA 9.7 | More BCAAs Than Xtend

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