Mutant Mass Review: Does this Heavyweight Work for Skinny Guys?

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Mutant make a whole bunch of supplements including multiple protein powders, pre-workouts, and BCAAs. However, they're arguably best known for their signature weight gain supplement — Mutant Mass.

Their products are mainly geared towards bodybuilder but can be used by anyone looking to add size, recover faster, and get in better shape.

After trying the original Mutant Mass earlier on in my lifting journey, I decided to try the updated version and create a Mutant Mass review, to see if it's any better.

With 52% less sugar than the previous formula, almost 200g of carbs, and 56g of protein from 6 sources, I was delighted with my purchase this time around.

And you'll soon learn why.

Mutant Mass Nutrition facts

The first point of call for examining Mutant Mass was the calorie number. The current formula checks in at high 1100 calories, consisting of protein (56g), carbohydrates (192g), and fats (12g).

Only 18g of the carbs come from sugars, and interestingly, there are 6g of fiber from sweet potato and rolled oats, which is rare to see in a mass gainer. There's also an excellent 34% of the RDI for calcium, as well as other essential minerals like iron, potassium, and sodium.









Protein Mixture




The other ingredients consist of things like sunflower lecithin, which is used to keep components from separating, cinnamon extract, tart cherry, coconut oil, avocado, and sucralose, which is a sweetener.  

Examining Mutant Mass Ingredients

The ingredients in Mutant Mass are broken down into 3 essential blends. Being a weight gainer, these are a carbohydrate blend, a fat blend, and of course, a blend of proteins.

Let's go through them in the order they appear on the supplement facts label.

Carbo Blend

The first two carbs are maltodextrin and waxy maize. Being very fast to absorb, they're a top choice for athletes looking for quick replenishment of muscle glycogen after training. They're also taken by bodybuilders in they're post-workout shakes to enhance the uptake of protein and other nutrients.

If you've ever used either maltodextrin or waxy maize to make your own mass gainer, you'll know they have a very neutral taste. This makes them much more comfortable to consume in large quantities than dextrose.

As powdered carbs, they’re especially useful for bulking diets, where getting all of your carbs from whole foods becomes very challenging, if not downright impossible.

Next up is barley starch, which is a whole grain carb source commonly found in cereals and bread. Being whole grain, it naturally contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals, as well as being lower in glycemic index than maltodextrin.

Rounding off the carbs, are bodybuilding favorites rolled oats and sweet potato, which are much slower digesting than the likes of maltodextrin and waxy maize. With carb sources like these, it's no wonder that there is significantly less sugar (52% to be precise!) than the previous formula.

Image of different mass gaining foods


Kicking off the 6-protein blend is a combination of 3 fast-acting whey proteins, which are whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. The last two, in particular, are very useful when taken post-workout, or whenever a quick amino acid feeding is needed.

However, Mutant Mass isn't just fit for post-workout. With the addition of casein and milk protein, we can take it before bed to give our muscles a steady supply of nighttime amino acids, helping to prevent muscle catabolism, and increase the amount of lean mass on the scale.

Lipid Foods Blend

Whereas other mass gainers include only whey and maltodextrin, Mutant Mass boasts a whole section of ingredients dedicated to fats. And at 9 calories per gram — double that of protein and carbs — fats are one of the best ways to gain weight, while also maintaining a healthy hormonal profile.

Coconut oil is what you call an MCT, which stands for medium chain triglyceride. It's a type of fat that is rapidly used by the body for energy and fuel, making it a popular choice for those on cutting diets who don't want to consume a lot of carbs.  

There's also avocado, which is a favorite fruit that's high in healthy fats and vitamins. Additionally, we get pumpkin and flaxseed oil powder, which both have a whole range of health benefits, and are definitely a nice addition to the rather plain maltodextrin and waxy maize.

So What Are The Benefits?

Weight gainers can help you add quality weight, plain and simple. But since not all weight gainers are the same — far from it — here is how Mutant Mass helps you to put on quality size, recover faster, and make the whole mass gaining process, much more convenient.

Convenient Calories

Whole foods are great. They're full of nutrients, rich in vitamins, and often make amazing meals. But when it comes to gaining weight, it's not always practical to meet your calorie requirements through whole foods alone.

When you're a hardgainer, you often become full more quickly than others, which makes gaining weight even more of a struggle. By drinking Mutant Mass, you sidestep many of the issues that come with whole-food only diets, such as fullness, too much fiber, and cooking time.

It's far easier to whip up an 1100 calorie shake than it is to plan, cook, and eat a meal of the same calories and macros.

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High Carbs To Protein Ratio

Although protein is essential for muscle growth, shoveling down more than you need is not only going to create less room in your stomach but make you one gassy bulker, which nobody wants.

The greatest thing about Mutant Mass is that for every 56g of protein, there are 192g of complex carbs, meaning that you don't need to overeat protein, merely to eat enough carbs.

There are not many bulking meals you can make which have this kind of carbs to protein ratio, especially not ones that you would want to eat!

How To Use

  • Mix 4 scoops with 24-32 oz of cold water or milk
  • Add your liquid before the powder
  • Use a larger shaker cup, or preferably a blender
  • Blend or shake for between 20-30 seconds

When To Take

It can be used any time of the day to help budge the scale. However, you are likely to enjoy its best effects by consuming it post-workout, in the anabolic window, and before bed.

Take it after training to replenish muscle glycogen, ignite protein synthesis, and overload your body with calories to trigger new weight gain. Or take it before bed, to make sure that you don't go to sleep in a calorie deficit and wake up lighter in the morning.  

As for the anabolic window, this is the period after training and can last anywhere from several hours to several days. It's shorter if you are a more advanced lifter or bodybuilder. In the window, your muscles are more receptive to protein and are more likely to partition nutrients towards muscle, rather than fat.

Overall, it is probably best to use Mutant Mass around training to put those calories towards muscle growth.

Sizes, Servings, And Scoop

It is available in 2 sizes, an 8 pound  bag, and a 15 pound bag. Each serving consists of 4 scoops and weighs around 280g, making one scoop 70g in weight.

  • 5 pounds (8 servings)
  • 15 pounds (24 servings)

Flavors, Taste, And Mixability

It is available in 6 different flavors, but for this review, I went ahead and tried the Triple Chocolate. Here's what I thought:

Overall, this is a great tasting gainer that I would definitely recommend you use a blender for. It's really sweet even with water, which does help you get over the monotony of day-to-day clean foods, but might be a bit too sickly for some. I didn't notice any clumps in the shake, and the bag was so easy to reseal afterward, unlike some other mass gainers that I've tried.

Compared to the old formula (which I was not a fan of) this powder performs much better in the taste department.

How Does It Compare To Other Gainers?

If you are not sure whether Mutant's gainer is the one for you, take a look at our chart below, to compare to some of the big names. You can also click here to check out our full mass gainer guide.


Our Rating

Best For




Serious Mass

Best Value



Mutant Mass

Highest Protein



Combat XL

Highest Calorie



Overall Review

It's been a long while since I've used Mutant Mass, and I have to say, I enjoyed this formula more than the old one. I felt like the original was a bit heavy on the sugar, and as someone who cares about gaining size while maintaining their health, I was glad to see that this formula has 52% less sugar.

I stand by the effectiveness of this product for gaining size and strength. However, being so in carbs, the flavor is a little on the sweet side, which I know is not agreeable with everyone.

That said, if you eat a clean diet, it can be enjoyable to have a tasty shake to look forward to, especially when it's going to help you reach your weight gain goals.

I hope you enjoyed our Mutant Mass review. Hopefully, it gives you a good idea of what gainer to add to your massing regime.

Mutant Mass | 1100 Calories | 192g carbs | 56g Protein

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