Mutant Whey Review: is there any Side-Effects & are the Benefits Worth it?

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Mutant is a brand that is particularly popular among heavy lifters, but with a growing range of products, anyone looking to be fitter and stronger can use their supplements. They actually make 4 different protein powders, and later on, in this review, you'll learn how they stack up against Mutant Whey.

After trying their infamous mass gainer, we decided to tone down the calories and dial up the protein by taking Mutant Whey for a spin. What are the results?

You'll soon find out, in our full Mutant Whey Review.

Mutant Whey Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Mutant Whey has a remarkably simple ingredient list. It's headed up by a blend of 4 whey proteins including 2 types of whey concentrate, isolates, and hydrolyzed whey proteins.

The best thing about the protein (22g) is that we're given an amino acid breakdown that tells us how much essential, and non-essential aminos we're getting in each serving. For example, on the back of the bag, I can see that an average scoop has around 2.5g of leucine, and roughly 3.5g of glutamine + glutamic acid, which is pretty sweet.













Making up the rest of the calories (140) are carbs (7g) and fats (2.5g). Only 3g of the carbs are sugars, and saturated fat only contributes 1.5g to the total, which is not bad at all.

As for the rest of the ingredients, there are common minerals like sodium and potassium as well as some cholesterol (75 mg). There's also MCT powder which makes up some of the fat as well as stevia leaf extract, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium, which are all sweeteners.

Who Can Benefit From Using It?

Anyone who exercises regularly or who wants to build a lean physique can benefit from adding Mutant Whey into their diet. Being a super simple formula, you don't have to do much rearranging within your current food choices to accommodate it either. Anyone who is seeking a quick, high-quality source of protein, can use it without making any drastic lifestyle changes.

However, those who desire to grow their muscles larger, or who struggle to consume enough protein through whole foods, are those who will enjoy it the most.

When we perform weight training, our protein needs are much higher than those of the average sedentary person. Why?

Well, tearing down muscle fibers with heavy iron, week in, week out, damages your muscles way more than reaching for the TV remote after a long day of sitting at your desk.

And here's what happens if you don't meet your protein needs:

Your body still gets the amino acids it needs, but it gets them by breaking down its own muscle tissue, meaning you're basically building it in one area but breaking it down in another, which doesn't make much sense when you're trying to gain muscle.

Usage Occasions


Start your day right by adding Mutant Whey to a breakfast smoothie or mixing into your morning oatmeal for a low-calorie, high-protein boost, that will help keep you full until your next meal.


We prefer using shakes after our training session and having a whole foods meal before. However, for those who like the feeling of training fasted, but don't like the idea of breaking down muscle, taking a scoop before training gives you that focused, fasted feeling, while protecting your hard-earned muscle.


Repair damaged muscle quickly by using this 100% whey formula as a quick and convenient post-workout shake, or as part of a nutritious whole foods meal.


Yes, you can use Mutant's formula as a dessert. And it only takes 2 or 3 ingredients.

Here's the scoop:

  • Take around 7oz/200g of plain yogurt and place into a small bowl: we prefer full fat, but you can use whatever you like.
  • Mix in one level scoop of Mutant Whey; we used Strawberry Cream
  • Add in berries for an antioxidant boost (optional)

There, you have a high-protein dessert that tastes like strawberry ice cream.

Side Effects And Disadvantages

After examining the formula and testing it ourselves, we couldn't find any real downsides to the actual ingredients. The only issues you might experience are gas and constipation, as whey naturally contains lactose, which isn't tolerated by everyone.

The latter can occur by not getting enough fiber, which is why you shouldn't rely on protein shakes as your only food source.

If we're being picky, there could be more flavor choice. On the other hand, fewer flavors mean less chance of picking up something that doesn't sit well with your taste buds.

How To Prepare Properly

Mix the standard 1 scoop serving with between 6-8 oz (that's 180-240 ml) of cold water and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. That doesn't sound like a long time to shake it for, but we found the powder to dissolve without any issues.

We used around 8oz of water just to stay on the safe side for mixability. However, if you like your protein shakes on the thicker side, go ahead and use less water for a sweeter drink.

If you're feeling a little funky and want to experiment you can try adding it to yogurt for a creamy, even higher-protein meal. We used full fat Greek-style yogurt, but feel free to use any kind you like.

We do recommend sticking with plain yogurt through, to avoid any flavor clashes. Go with a full scoop and around 7 oz of yogurt for a dessert-like dish that really hits the spot, without creating a huge dent in your calorie budget.

Sizes, Servings, and Scoop

Mutant Whey Protein comes in a 5lb bag and has around 63 servings. One scoop weighs 36g when measured out on weighing scales, which is about average for a product in this category.

The Available Flavors

While Mutant doesn't bless us with loads of choice in the flavor department, the 4 flavors which are available, are typical protein shake flavors and usually taste reliable. Here are options:

  • Cookies and Cream
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

We decided to move away from chocolate this time, and give strawberry Cream a try. Having used chocolate exclusively for the last few months, the strawberry took a bit of getting used to, but after my taste buds adjusted, I was pretty impressed by the creamy taste in my shaker bottle.

You can also get Triple Chocolate, which is a favorite flavor of their weight gainer, Mutant Mass.

How Does it Compare?

If you aren't quite sure whether or not Mutant Whey is a good fit for you, check out our comparison with Mutant's 3 other protein powders, and see which you like the best.

If you want the full scoop on our highest rated protein shakes, then you can click here for our take on the topic.


Our Rating





Mutant Pro 100




Mutant Whey




Mutant Isosurge




Overall Review

Overall, Mutant Whey packs a lot of punch considering it has a remarkably simple formula and only a few ingredients. In fact, the quality of protein is impressive for the price, you get whey isolate and hydrolysate as well as concentrate.

Knowing that supplements have a significant impact on people's lives, you shouldn't take them lightly. While many brands make outrageous claims, It is well established that protein shakes work best by building lean muscle over time, and won't magically improve your body overnight.

That said, this supplement is 100% whey and has a transparent ingredient label which goes a long way to ensuring you're getting a genuine product. And with one bag containing 63 servings, you won't be sorry to rely on Mutant Whey as your go-to protein powder.

That's the end of our Mutant Whey review, go ahead and give it a try to check out its beneficial effects for yourself. We hope it helps you to decide which brand to pick.


Mutant Whey | 4 Types of Whey Protein

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