Naked Mass Review: How do these Simple Ingredients fare Against the Best?

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Naked Nutrition specializes in simplified formulas and natural ingredients. Initially gathering popularity due to their quirky protein powders, the US brand now makes a remarkable range of products, including creatine, amino acids, and even powdered peanut butter.

Today, we went ahead and put their signature weight gainer to the test, and created our own Naked Mass review, to see what benefits it can have for hardgainers.

Compared to Serious Mass, we found Naked Whey to be a better supplement across almost all categories.

And you'll soon learn why.

Nutrition Facts

Naked mass is founded on a blend of 3 key ingredients that make up the bulk of the calories, protein, and minerals. These are whey concentrates, micellar casein, and organic tapioca maltodextrin, which collectively, check in at 1250 calories.

Making up the impressive calorie total are proteins (50g), including 11.5g of BCAAs, carbs (252g), and a few grams of fats (2.5g). As a result of the 3-ingredient formula, the unflavored version has only 5g of sugar and 1g of saturated fat.









Whey & casein




There's also a remarkable 49% of the RDI for calcium, 34% of the RDI for phosphorus, 18% for magnesium, and a sprinkling of iron and vitamin A.

Now, let's take a look at how these ingredients work.

The Ingredients

The ingredient label kicks things off with a blend of whey and casein, which we've yet to see in another mass gainer. Compared to whey alone, a combination of the two enables your body to produce a better anabolic response, which can lead to more muscle growth and weight gain.

This also makes it more effective than other mass gainers when you take it before bed. Seen as casein protein is broken down much more slowly than whey, you limit protein breakdown while stimulating protein synthesis, which again, is a crucial process for growing muscle.

On the carb side of things, the massive 252g of complex carbohydrates fuels workouts, recovery, and growth, while not flooding your body with gluten's undesirable side effects. And with fewer fats than some protein powders, there is no need to clog your arteries, just to consume enough carbs for the day.

But let's say that you want to flavor Naked Whey, do you have to drink a bunch of sweeteners?

Nope. The Chocolate version, for example, uses organic coconut sugar and organic cacao powder. This does bump up the sugars to 58g, but even then, sugars still only account for 21% of total calories, which is not such a raw deal.

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Who Can Benefit From Using It?

Anyone seeking to gain weight, whether that be solid muscle size or just a natural body composition, can benefit from taking Naked Mass alongside a healthy diet.

However, those who it is most suited for, are those who are willing to forget about budget mass gainers, that use gluten-laden, wheat-based maltodextrin. Naked Mass is not exactly the most inexpensive gainer, which is definitely enough to put some people off. But ask yourself this:

When you're putting 1000+ calories into your system, are you really considering where those calories are sourced?

Aside from being gluten, GMO, soy, and artificial sweetener free, Naked Nutrition disclose all the amino acids they use. Naked Mass is also made in the USA, and even carries an Informed Choice third-party certification, making it useful for the average Jane or Joe, and the elite athlete alike.

If this sounds different to what other mass gainers are offering, go ahead and give Naked Mass a try today, and see the benefits it can have for your body.

How To Use Naked Mass Properly

  • Add 4 rounded scoops (321g) to a blender filled with 24 of milk, or a beverage of your choice
  • Blend for 45-60 seconds
  • Then add in some other ingredients to boost the calories even more (optional)
  • Blend for another 30-45 seconds
  • Drink and enjoy

When To Take It

Naked mass is intended to be used between meals, or before bed. You can also use it after a workout, but you may not feel like drinking all those calories after a hard session.

We wouldn't recommend drinking it right before laying your head on the pillow, but close to bedtime is an excellent time to drink it, to promote weight and muscle gain through the night.

Image of a woman looking tired in the locker room after a workout

Sizes, Servings, And Scoop

One 8 pound tub contains 11 servings, with each recommended serving weighing around 321g. A single serving consists of 4 scoops, with one scoop weighing roughly 80g.

Should You Buy It Flavored?

If we were rebuying it, we'd still go for the unflavored version. Why?

Well, we prefer to flavor the powder by mixing it with milk, berries, and other ingredients, so we don't really need a ton of flavoring from the product. That said, if you plan on mixing Naked Mass with water, then you may well be better off going with either chocolate and vanilla.

How Does It Compare?

If you would like to see Naked Mass side by side with some of the most popular weight gainer products, then check out of chart below. For our full guide on buying a mass gainer, feel free to check out this post:


Our Rating

Best For




Naked Mass

Best of the Best



Serious Mass

Best Value



Combat XL

Not bad but we liked the other more



Overall Review

Overall, Naked Mass offers some of, if not the best weight gaining ingredients around. If you are new to the world of weight gainers, it is an excellent starting supplement because its formula is really straightforward, and they're third-party tested for harmful substances.

Whereas many mass gainers pile in the carbs by using wheat-based maltodextrin, Naked Nutrition goes gluten-free by opting to use organic tapioca maltodextrin for a remarkable 252g carb boost.

At this number, even the most long-suffering of hardgainers have a reliable supply of organic carbohydrates to fuel harder workouts and more noticeable weight gain.

Based on our Naked Mass review, we rank it as the current #1 mass gainer on the market.

Its Informed Choice testing makes it an excellent supplement for athletes, as well as those with more modest physical goals like healthy weight gain. Go ahead and give Naked Mass a try today if you want an organic alternative to sugar-laden supplements.

Naked Mass | Our #1 Rated Weight Gainer

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