Optimum Nutrition BCAA Review: Which Version Should You Use Right Now?

on bcaa 1000 caps

Optimum Nutrition make a whole range of supplements and actually have more than one amino acid supplement to their name. As this is an Optimum Nutrition bcaa 100 caps review, I will be sticking to this product, but later on in the article, you will find out how it stacks up against all of their other amino acids.

ON provide a convenient capsule solution for those who are fed up of the unpredictableness of powder. Overall, we ranked it at #3 on our list of this year's best bcaa supplement.

And you'll soon find out why...

Ingredient And Nutrition Facts

These mega-size capsules contain what I hoped to find in a supplement like this. There's 500mg and 150mg of both valine and isoleucine, which is the optimal 2:1:1 ratio. These are the key ingredients, but there are a few others that I noticed on the label so let's take a quick look at those as well.

First up is microcrystalline cellulose. It sounds really complicated, but all it does is help the powder in the capsule to not lump together. There's also gelatin, which is something to keep in mind as a vegan because it's derived from either beef or pork. This also means that these capsules are not halal.

Total BCAAs




Serving Size






2 Capsules


The final ingredient is magnesium stearate which is again used in the manufacturing process. With all of the ingredients covered, let's take a look and see how they can benefit us.

Benefits And Effectiveness

One of the best things about these capsules is that they're super convenient. You don't have to mess around with finding a suitable drink to mix with your powder, merely take 2 pills, and you have the recommended dosage.

Being formulated in the 2:1:1 ratio, they're also handy for boosting muscle growth and athletic performance. Branched-chain amino acids are usually bought by weightlifting enthusiasts, and they really are great for growing muscle, but they're not exclusively for heavy lifters.

Sporting athletes and those who perform cardiovascular exercise can still benefit from muscle-repairing amino acids because whatever kind of training you perform, recovery is still an essential piece of the puzzle.

The Downsides

By far the main downside of Optimum Nutrition's capsules is that if you want to take more than a gram of aminos, you're going to have to swallow a relatively high amount of pills.

This is where being a really heavy lifter starts to become a hindrance. If you're really muscular, you obviously need more amino acids than the average joe or jane, and that comes out at a lot of pills.

For 1g of bcaas, you need to take 2 capsules. If you only require a few grams here or there, that's no big deal. And then the fact that they're easy to swallow makes taking all those pills much less of a chore.

How And When To Take The Capsules

You might think that the best time to take pills is with meals, but when it comes to bcaas, that's just not the case.

Since amino acids are found in all kinds of food, it's best to take them away from meals when your body could really use an amino boost.

This makes pre and post-workout two of the best occasions to take ON BCAA.

Taking a couple of pills between meals is also an excellent strategy to prevent your body from breaking down muscle.

Image of a clock face

Sizes And Servings

Optimum Nutrition's bcaa capsules are available for purchase in 3 different sizes to cater for different needs and budgets. If you're not sure whether pills are a good fit for you, I recommend getting the smallest size and seeing how things go.

  • 60 count
  • 200 count
  • 400 count

How Does It Compare?

Optimum Nutrition is definitely one of the more popular supplement brands of recent times, and I've tried many of their products such as Gold Standard Whey and Serious Mass.

Here's how their aminos stand up to other popular supplements in the same category.

If you found these comparisons interesting, you can read more about our highest rated bcaas this year.


Our Rating






Best Overall


30 or 90

ON BCAA 1000

Best Capsules



BCAA Energy

Best For Energy


30 or 65

Overall Review

Overall, ON BCAA 100 caps are a convenient solution for those looking for easy to swallow capsules. As a market leader in the supplement industry, we rank Optimum Nutrition's amino acids in the top 5 best.

Considering the quality of the ingredients, we think you will be really pleased with this supplement if you prefer to take your aminos as pills rather than messy powder. This product provides a high amount of capsules which are capable of boosting muscle mass and reducing post-exercise soreness.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our Optimum Nutrition BCAA 100 caps review, if you've been seeking a helpful supplement in the amino acid category then go ahead and give this a shot.

Optimum Nutrition BCAA 100 | Our Recommended Capsules

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