Pre Kaged Review: What Are the Side-Effects & Are the Ingredients Worth it?

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Pre-Kaged is the signature pre-workout of supplement brand Kaged Muscle. Used by bodybuilders looking for an edge in the weightroom, it is also suitable for athletes of all sports and carries an Informed Sport certification for authenticity.

The greatest thing about Pre-Kaged is the diverse range of ingredients, some of which we have not seen in any other pre-workout, such as coconut water powder and an exciting blend of vegetables.

We didn't think that the flavor was the best in the business, but the fact that it's naturally flavored makes it taste less artificial in our experience.

To find out all there is to know about the supplement, you can read our Pre Kaged review and check out the product for yourself if you like what you read.

Pre Kaged Ingredients And Supplement Facts

To amp up performance with more than just a caffeine boost, Kaged Muscle split their formula into 7 workout-boosting blends, each of which benefits a different part of the workout.

And you'll soon learn how…






Creatine HCL







Pro-Pump™ Blend

The first ingredients is l-citrulline (6.5g), which is used to increase the intra-workout muscle pump. The other component is Quercetin Anhydrous (200mg), which in all honesty, I had not heard of before today. But on further inspection, it doesn't seem like anything to get excited about, having failed to improve fatigue in research.

On the other hand, l-citrulline is well-known to improve muscle damage and unlike other pre-workout supplements, it is dosed at a beneficial level in the formula.

Muscle Fuel Matrix + Anabolic Activator

We grouped these two together because they contain pretty much the same ingredients. As the name of the Muscle Fuel Matrix suggests, it has nutrients that combine together to fuel your muscles. In this case, the fuel is BCAAs (3.5g).

The Anabolic Activator blend adds leucine into the mix, which is the amino acid tasked with making sure protein synthesis is turned on.

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Endura-Burn Matrix

As there are aren't many supplements better than beta-alanine for increasing muscular endurance, it is the only ingredient in this part of the formula. It uses the popular patented form (CarnoSyn) and is dosed at 1.6g.

Strength And Power Matrix

First up here is betaine (2g), which is an up and coming ingredient that can improve strength and work capacity, two fundamental aspects of weight training.

More on this later.

The second ingredient is creatine HCL, which is a form of creatine that has better absorption and may require a smaller dose than creatine monohydrate. That said, monohydrate is still my choice because it is unrivaled when it comes to scientific backing.

Hydrate And Defend

The penultimate blend is headed up by coconut water powder (500 mg) which in recent years, has seen an enormous rise in popularity with athletes looking to stay hydrated. Coconut water is naturally high in potassium which is one of the essential electrolytes lost through sweat.

There is also a blend of fruit and vegetable extracts called “SPECTRA”. And finally, we get green coffee extracts and cinnamon concentrate. These nutrients aren’t going to build a ton of muscle, but they’re good for our health.

Neuro-Focus Matrix

The final cocktail consists of some of the most sought-after ingredients for mental performance. The first of the 3 nutrients are caffeine (274 mg) and  2 forms of l-tyrosine (850 mg), which is a sensible combination considering that tyrosine may have an anti-stress effect. More on this in the benefits section.

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Benefits and Effectiveness

Pre-Kaged decreases muscle soreness, prolongs endurance, and helps hydration.

We particularly, liked the focus on recovery, because for the body to grow new muscle, it needs to repair damaged tissue first. This is what the 6.5g of BCAAs and 6.5g of l-citrulline are used for, with citrulline even providing you with better muscle pumps and lessening fatigue.

The combination of caffeine and l-tyrosine is also no accident. In addition to taurine (2g), the l-tyrosine can help to reduce the comedown effects of caffeine by lowering stress levels, while also making us more focused.

If you're an endurance athlete such as a runner, cyclist, or swimmer, beta-alanine can increase power output and decrease lactic acid, which can give you a stronger sprint finish.

It can also help you to get more reps per set in the gym, which promotes better muscle gains.

Let's not forget the creatine HCL and betaine for increasing strength or the coconut water powder for helping hydration and electrolyte replenishment. Staying hydrated is key to success in any physical activity, and we liked the fact that Pre Kaged hydrates your body and muscles before even stepping in the gym.

As the saying goes, recovery starts early, even before training.

How To Use And When To Take For Best Results

Mix one scoop with between 16-20 oz of cold water and drink 30-45 minutes before hitting the gym. Aim to drink it all within 25 minutes of your first sip for best results.

This formula contains 6.5g total BCAAs — a dose that has many recovery-boosting benefits. Branched-chain amino acids decrease soreness in the belly of the muscle, to get you back in the gym sooner, increase protein synthesis, and leave you with a more muscular physique.

Sizes, Servings, And Scoop

The 621g tub comes with 20 servings when taken at full dose, with each scooping weighing 31g when measured out.

How Does it Compare?

You can check out the table below to compare supplements if you are wondering which pre workout you should take.

If you want a critical comparison of Pre-Kaged against one of its main competitors, then check out our Pre Kaged vs Pre Jym guide for the scoop.


Our Rating

Best For




Pre kaged




Pre Jym

Muscle Recovery



N.O Xplode




The Available Flavors

Pre-kaged pre workout is available to purchase in 4 different flavors:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Berry Blast
  • Krisp Apple
  • Orange Krush

The flavors are naturally sweetened and contain no artificial colors, but not all feedback on the taste was positive. With so much powder (31g) to cover up, it can be hard to completely eliminate the aftertaste, which is a problem that similar supplements such as Legion Pulse, also have with their powder.

Overall Review

This is an excellent supplement in many ways. Helping many different aspects of your workout, Pre-Kaged is known for reducing DOMS, increasing focus, and turning sluggish sets into sick pumps. Also, assisting people to improve energy, and generally have better workouts, this is an excellent choice for many.

A product that has a high amount of caffeine and BCAAs, this is a supplement for those seeking a stronger energy boost and better recovery.

We back the effectiveness of this pre workout. We do understand that the flavor may not be award-winning, and compared to other options, it is not the cheapest of its kind. But taking into account the complexity of the formula, including patented ingredients and the fact you don't need any intra-workout BCAAs, we feel that the price is justified.

So, if you are looking for a pre-workout boost that doubles up as your mid-workout bcaas, give Pre-Kaged a try and see for yourself how it can improve your workouts.

We hope that you enjoyed our Pre-Kaged review. Hopefully, you have all the info to make up your mind on which brand to buy.

Pre Kaged | Best Pre-Workout For Pumps

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