PS Whey vs Gold Standard: Which is Right For YOU?

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I firmly believe that protein is the most important supplement any of us will buy.

With this belief in mind, it’s extra important that you understand the main differences between any protein powders you’re considering.

In just a moment I’ll be pitting two pure whey proteins — PS Whey vs Gold Standard — against each other across some interesting categories such as quality, ingredients, and value.

At A Glance

PS Pure PS Whey: PS Whey is similar to Gold Standard in that it uses a blend of whey concentrate and isolate. However, you get fewer servings per tub so it isn’t as impressive as far as value goes. But the rather unique Glazed Doughnut flavor may tempt your taste buds to give it a try.

ON Gold Standard Whey: although Gold Standard contains the same amount and type of protein as PS whey, it’s much better value with an extra 20+ servings per tub. You also get to choose from a huge selection of flavors which the relatively less popular PS whey simply can’t compete with.

The Main Differences Between PS Whey And ON Gold Standard

I’ve split the main differences between Gold Standard and PS Whey into subsections. I did this because they both have strengths in different areas — more on this in just a moment —  and talking about them all at once would just be confusing.

You can also check out our comparison of Syntha 6 and Gold Standard for a different option.



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Protein — that is, whey protein powders — can really boost your results in the gym if you pick the right supplement. And as always, the first point of call when choosing either PS whey or Gold Standard should be the ingredients. Let’s take a look at protein first.

Protein Quality

As far as protein goes, both supplements are equal. Each have a useful 24g of protein composed form a mixture of whey concentrate and  isolate proteins. This is pretty standard stuff, so let’s look at the calories, carbs, and fats.

Calories, Carbs, Fats

As you may have noticed when eyeing up different flavors, some contain more calories than others —  though usually not by many. For this comparison, I’ll be pitting ProSupps’ Glazed Doughnut flavor against ON’s Double Rich Chocolate — which along with Extreme Milk Chocolate and Strawberry, is my favorite flavor.

On the fat side of things, Gold Standard has 1.5 fewer grams of fat than PS whey. This may not seem like a lot but when you drink more than one serving it really starts to add up!

On the other side of the coin, you’ll notice that the carbs are equal — each has 3g per scoop —  although Pro Supps do have 1g of extra sugar. However, this is not surprising given that the flavor is modeled on that of doughnuts!


When it comes to protein — and any dessert for that matter — I’m a chocolate guy every time. So, in that department, Pro Supps is never going to get my vote based on its Glazed Doughnut Flavor.

Also, as you can imagine, it’s not so easy to make a protein shake taste exactly like a doughnut without going 10x on the calories. With that said, you can still expect the flavor to be sweet — maybe a little too sweet for some — but don’t expect it to taste like last cheat day’s doughnuts.

As for Gold Standard Whey, I’ve tried a lot of different flavors and have yet to be disappointed. That said, I’ve rarely been blown away in amazement but I can’t deny that the reliability of the taste is a plus.

Image of tasty cookies

Flavor Selection

Can any protein powder rival Gold Standard as far as flavor selection goes?

It seems doubtful. But competition aside, you’re literally spoilt for choice which can make choosing a flavor quite complicated. The way I whittle down my flavor selection is by sticking with simple flavors like strawberry, vanilla or chocolate. I find that these tend to be more reliable taste-wise than more exotic flavors that I’d personally reserve for sampling.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Pro Supps don't have a bad flavor selection — not at all — but it’s just not on par with Gold Standard Whey here.


Sure, you can use the overall supplement price to see how good the value is but all else being equal, more servings per tub is better value for money. And which out of PS Whey and Gold Standard has more servings?

It’s definitely Gold Standard this time. Depending on which flavor you fancy, you can expect around 20 extra servings by going with team Optimum Nutrition. Yes, PS whey is a smaller tub, but even when you work out the number of servings per lb, Gold Standard Whey is still the frontrunner.

Which Is More Effective?

Regardless of where you stand in the PS Whey vs Gold Standard debate, one thing we all want is real results. So with that in mind, I’ve rated both protein powders to see how they stack up against some popular fitness goals.

Best For Building Muscle

Clearly, with an equal amount of protein, both supplements can do an equally good job at putting muscle on your frame. Perhaps one has more whey isolate than the other?

Even if it did, we would never know — we can only go by what’s visible on the ingredient label. Overall, both are great for muscle growth — alongside a good diet, of course.

For a different viewpoint on Optimum Nutrition, you can check out our post where we compared their whey protein powder to Nitro Tech.

Image of the flexed back muscles or a bodybuilder

Which Is Healthier?

You can see on the back of the tub that PS Whey contains 70 mg of cholesterol. Compare this with Gold Standard Whey — which contains only 30 mg — and you’ll see why Optimum Nutrition’s protein powder is the best choice for watching your health.

Of course, the quality of your diet plays a more important role in your health than a protein powder. But still, you don’t want a bunch of cholesterol after a workout — you want whey protein!

Image of antioxidants and juice

Best For Weight Loss

As you will be able to see, these two protein powders are pretty much inseparable when it comes to calories per serving. And of course, for losing weight, it’s that pesky calorie number that we’re trying to keep down!

But truthfully, I don’t really think of either as a ‘weight-loss protein powder’. That said, each of them will surely help you retain — or even build — muscle during a fat-loss diet by preventing protein breakdown.

Image of a slim woman measuring her waist

Which Is Better If I’m On A Budget?

Because neither protein powder is a whey isolate, both products offer you a quality product for a fair price. But as for which is the best, I recommend Gold Standard for tighter budgets. That isn’t to say PS Whey is poor value, but the higher number of servings per tub will surely be welcomed if you are pinching the pennies.


After putting this pair of protein powders through their paces I’ve reached a conclusion. The winner of the PS Whey vs Gold Standard contest has to be ON Gold Standard Whey. You can click for the full post to read a review on Optimum's signature protein shake.

Although it has the same amount of protein as PS whey, the fantastic range of flavors — that taste reliably good— makes it one of my go-to protein supplements. Those of you on a budget will also be pleased to know many of the flavors have over 70 servings per 5 lb tub.

Are you in agreement? Let me know your thoughts on the comparison in the comments.

ON Gold Standard | Our Recommended Protein Powder

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